Secure your most important asset:
your people.

We leverage Proofpoint's advanced cybersecurity platform and add our email security expertise
because people, not technology, are attackers’ biggest target—and your biggest risk.

People-centric approach to security

People within small and medium businesses are being targeted mostly through email. 90% of all attacks today start with a targeted email using social engineering relying on users to click a malicious link, run malicious code or give up their credentials making people the number one attack target. Protect your people from zero-hour email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.

Easy on the budget

SMBs traditionally don’t have the same budget to spend on security as large enterprises do to protect themselves, leaving their people vulnerable for that next attack. We've partnered with Proofpoint, the industry leading cybersecurity solution to bring you a world-class enterprise solution without the enterprise price tag.

Proven efficacy

Tailored specially for SMB's, it's based on the same MLX™ Machine Learning technology that powers their Enterprise product (trusted by companies like Apple, Uber, Facebook, Salesforce, Harvard, Stanford, Citi, Delta). It examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email to accurately detect text, image and attachment-based spam or phishing emails, while automatically adapting to new threats as they appear. Proofpoint MLX™ Technology delivers the industry’s highest level of effectiveness at 99% against all types of spam email. It also includes the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection with URL Defense and Attachment Defense, that effectively detects, catches and analyzes malicious URLs and attachments that target your company.

Easy to deploy and no hardware to maintain

It's an all-in-one, cloud-based, solution for small and medium sized businesses, delivering powerful email security, data protection, continuity, archiving and social media protection. Deploying Proofpoint Essentials gives you access to a simple-to-use, flexible security solution at a competitive price-point, with superb on-going support.

We help you protect your brand reputation

29% of companies that suffered BEC attacks said they lost more than $100K. We guide you through every step of your personalized DMARC implementation plan to protect your brand reputation, and help you understand the reporting data.

Package Comparison

Proofpoint Essentials is available through various tailored packages, created to meet the varied business needs, feature requirements and budgets of smaller enterprises.


  • • Robust Anti-spam
  • • Multi-layered Anti-virus
  • • Content Filtering
  • • Outbound Filtering
  • • Impostor Email Protection
  • • URL Defense
  • • Attachment Defense
  • • Emergency Inbox
  • • User access control
  • • Active Directory Sync
  • • DMARC implementation assistance
  • • Personalized support


  • All the features of Business plus:

  • • Attachment Sandboxing
  • • Email Encryption
  • (Policy and user defined)
  • • Social Media Account Protection


  • All the features of Advanced plus:

  • • Off-site and tamper proof Archiving
  • • Search and eDiscovery
  • • Unlimited 10yr Archiving
  • • Legal Holds

Security Awareness Training

  • Help employees make the right decisions
  • when faced with a wide
  • range of cybersecurity risks
  • from phishing attacks to insider threats.

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